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801.973.2736 800.801.2736 Monday - Friday 7:00AM - 4:30PM

Acoustical Ceiling Systems

Suspended Acoustical Ceiling Systems are exactly what the name implies, a system.  We are keenly aware that, possibly even more so than our other products, the proper installation of a suspended ceiling system requires knowledge, skill, as well as the right tools, inspiration, and product. 

That’s why we have teamed up with USG to bring you one of the most versatile and universally used grid systems in the market today.  Along with our own knowledgeable sales staff,   USG provides the technical advice and assistance you need for even the most intricate project.  USG has two web sites to assist you in the design, acquisition, and the installation of your ceiling system.  Once your ready to start, we are here to answer any lingering questions and to get you everything you need for your acoustical system.

There are several brand names of acoustical panels being used in the Inter-Mountain region and to help you with those patterns, we make sure we also carry the most popular patterns provided by Celotex an Armstrong.  However, USG offers “cross-over” tile patterns as alternatives to other manufacturer’s product lines, and you will find all these products either available at, or through our Salt Lake City facility and our knowledgeable sales staff is ready to help.

We have provided a format for an e-mail in the “Contact Us” section of our home page.  However, if you would like to direct a question exclusively to our Acoustical Sales Department, please contact them at:  TiffanyF@SwanUt.Com.